Saturday, October 1, 2011

a must read, trust me!

I can't tell you guys how excited I am to be publishing this post. Being a huge fan of this talented lady it makes me giddy to write this and even more so to announce something very cool at the end! Don't skip ahead, I know you want to but trust me it's worth the wait! 

You may have seen her pieces on Etsy or read her fantastic tweets on twitter and if you are like me you may even own a piece of her wonderful jewelry. Sophie, the creator of That Vintage, is an Australian designer who works with Tasmanian Myrtle timber and a laser cutter, the results are breathtaking!

Who is Sophie? She writes...
"My life is simple, sweet and I try to fill it with the things that make my heart sing; fresh air coming through the open windows complimented by the chirping happy birds, cups of delicious tea, good music, kitty cuddles with my blossom, craft nights with friends and op-shop trips to find a treasure or two. I live in Launceston, Tasmania  (the little heart shaped island south of mainland Australia) and it is a truly beautiful place to live"

The back story on That Vintage...
"That Vintage began officially in February of 2008, so it is fast approaching its fourth year. It started off as a little hobby from drawing illustrations of birds and other woodland creatures, playing around with fabric covered buttons and falling in love with the prints, patterns, lace and birds, oh and of course the gorgeous Australian native garden that is outside my studio window - I count myself lucky for that! I never really visualized it would become as much of a "business" as it has, every step has fallen into place naturally - I've always kept it in my mind that it is my creative outlet, hence why I still have a "bread & butter" job in retail - having That Vintage keeps me on the "sane" side of life and I am forever tickled pink by the love it receives!"

Staying Sane...
"The most difficult thing that I have had to do is find "balance" - especially when the hobby turned into a business; finding that perfect balance between bookwork and admin type things and the creative design element. Some days it can get truly overwhelming, even more so when you are doing it all completely on your own! Cups of tea are my saving grace for getting my head around those overwhelming moments."

In 5 years...
 "In 5 years time, I would love to see That Vintage progress to having a more stronger presence at mainland Australian market events - being located in Tasmania, it makes it tricky to take stock and market props over to the mainland for events. I love doing markets; I love the one-on-one interaction you have with your customers, from what I can gather (and my experience with meeting other designers) is that the customer gets a buzz off meeting the person behind it all as well!"

"Where I live, our garden is a mix of Native Australian bush with French licks - it is truly beautiful and a true inspiration to see every day - in particular the little feathered friends flitting around the trees outside, I am quite an observer of such things that we would normally take for granted! I am also inspired by intricate lace and crochet work, wrought iron work and vintage floral prints - a little of the old-soul comes out in That Vintage through these aspects."

"Ahhh, the golden question: "How do you stay organised?" - truth is, I spend a lot of my spare time double checking everything, stock levels and supplies. I almost always order in bulk and make a note of the dates that I placed orders - it is now at a point where I can gauge when I am running low on something in particular and whip up a quick order. My suppliers are great and we have great communication; it pays to be loyal to your suppliers if you can, especially if you need something super urgent!"

Working with photographers...
 "I have been so lucky with my photographers; they have all been my friends or I have met them through friends - where I live, we are a bit of a tight-knit creative community on many levels - so networking is easy. If you are on the hunt for a photographer, get personal with them - meet them for a coffee and bring along some of your product, your ideas and be open to whatever suggestions they present - at the end of the day, they work the camera and know what they are doing! Have fun with it also; I have enjoyed being on set for the shoots for That Vintage - and don't be afraid to speak up to your photographer in the midst of the shoot, he or she will appreciate your input - they aren't mind readers!"

The best things...
"That Vintage has allowed me to meet some incredible people, warm souls and some pretty die-hard fans (or as I like to call them "lovers") of That Vintage. I have been lucky enough to receive warm & fuzzy emails from customers and shops that I stock to - I have also made some pretty amazing friends through That Vintage... it has given me a whole lot of love in my life really!"

Swoon! Now for something extra juicy...are you ready?
One lucky reader is going to win a pair of her Dainty Wren earrings!! Squee!! I know I'm dying too!

Dainty Wren Earrings by That Vintage
Here's how to enter! 
* Go to her shop > ThatVintage < and leave a comment here telling us all what your favorite item is!

The winner will be announced Wednesday Oct 5th!


  1. What a lovely shop! Hard to pick a favorite but will have to say ~ Deer Darling Friend Earrings. Whoever wins will be blessed :) Thanks for hosting this giveaway ladies!

  2. I am a big fan of That Vintage and have a little, but growing collection of her things. Thanks to hubby for buying me some for our 5th wedding anniversary (which is wood by the way - how clever was he?!)
    My newest favourite thing is her Tea Party collection, especially the teapot necklace which I have been eyeing off for a while! Will be perfect for a "Frocktober" teaparty I am going to!!
    Thanks for showcasing such a lovely designer
    xo Lara

  3. I love Sophie, and her goodies! Hmm, my fave would have to be the feather brooch... which I already own! ;D

  4. Hey!
    Great interview Vanessa! How come I didn't know about this shop before?!?! soooo cool!
    I LOVE the vintage feather ring! awesome!

  5. Omigosh, I absolutely adore That Vintage! How gorgeous and different are Sophies things! :D
    If I had to pick one (for me its actually a tie between the Dainty Wren & the Iron Dove earrings) it'd be the Dainty Wren earrings. I love the combination of nature and vintage lace etched into the wood. So earthy and elegant all at once. Thankyou for featuring such and amazing creator on your equally amazing blog. ;)

  6. I love That Vintage- I have two beautiful necklaces already, I love the Tea Party collection and the Iron Dove Pendant- now I have the Nana Rose tea party earrings on the wishlist :) Lovely as prize!

  7. I have two pairs of That Vintage jewellery and love them. My favorite would be the bird cage pendant as it is a classic and the next piece on my wish list. Just wish I had more days off to show off my jewellery shift working makes it difficult!

  8. Hi there,
    I loved the inerview you did on Sophie, her creations are so lovely and sweet. I have so many favourites of hers, I'd hve to say though my absolute favourite is the lacy look ring, I'm very fond of it!!
    Thanks again for a good article and blog of yours too
    Kate :)

  9. That Vintage Rules! I love the little earrings! In her shop I quite adore everything but I do really love the Winter woods part 2 pendant. I have a thing with bunnies! My childhood secret keeper was a bunny called blossom and she looks just like this little bunny!
    Erica S

  10. Anything with deer or rabbits on them. Everything is adorable, Sophie is such a talent! Hannah

  11. I love the little tea cup necklaces - they remind of the doll sized ones I used to play with as a child, and which my daughter now has.

  12. Too hard to pick just ONE favourite! But i do adore the tea cup earrings...or pretty much all the wooden earrings and the birdcage necklace...yeah....i have alot of favourites??? lol

  13. I think my favorite are these little wren earrings. Because I just read the sweetest book called Wren Bay- the earrings remind me of the book.

  14. Beautiful pieces and I love hearing how one's environment inspires you. I think my fave piece is but all of her brooches are stunning.

  15. I love this pendant:

    And I love Sophie's entire shop! :)

  16. Great giveaway!
    I like the Vintage Feather and Lace birdcage pendant! Fun and pretty!

    gillian.veitch AT

  17. The rings, I love the rings too!

  18. I am soo in love with the That Vintage Feather and Lace Birdcage - Pendant - Tasmanian Myrtle!!!!! It's to die for!!! Yipee!!!



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